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Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Refuse

We had the opportunity to do something extraordinary this morning.  Something that touched our hearts and reminded us that we have a job to do...impact lives for Christ!  

Our youth group went to an inner-city church for their monthly Community Day.  We were blessed to be able to pass out clothes, serve a hot meal, and pass out boxes of food to be taken home.  

Mélika and I sorting clothes to be distributed.  
(I would just like to add my dislike for wearing winter gear today!!)

Mélika with two of her close friends.  We had 38 youth and leaders come out to make a difference!

I have to tell you...the very best part of the day!  We walked the streets praying that gang wars and drugs would be replaced by unity and peace.  We stopped and prayed with each person we saw on the streets, sitting on porches, and standing on street corners.  We witnessed the impact the local pastor has had on the community by the reaction of each individual we came in contact with.  Each one knew his name...each accepted prayer...each was reminded of their need for a holy, just God!  

A teenager walked up to us asking that we pray a blessing over him!  We prayed with a homeless man sitting on the ground leaning against a telephone pole.  We prayed with a man in a wheel chair with an amputated leg.  An older woman on a porch.  A young man in need of a job.  A young lady thankful to begin a new job that this local pastor helped her get.  We prayed with countless people.  All, like us, in need of hope, and the love of a savior.  

Today I was reminded that any of us could find ourselves in their position at any time.  Often we become comfortable, complacent, and desensitized about lost and hurting people around us.  The more we become wrapped up in our own desires and interests,  the busier we become in self seeking ambitions.   We soon forget about others, their needs, and our call to help.  BUT...when we step out to love others...our heart starts to change.  We want to do more for others instead of ourselves.  Once you taste the feeling of giving, sharing, desire more of cannot return to life as it was.  

Friends, I don't want to live like I don't care.  We are called to make a difference in this world.  listen to this song and be encouraged:)

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