Growth...of our our walk with all things to worship HIM!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Growth...and visit from friends

Well marks 60 days of waiting to hear if we will be chosen by Oklahoma birthmommy.  Yep, I am still counting.   I have been reflecting today on the many times God has placed something on our heart and we have needed to walk in faith.  In each of these faith journeys we have had to: overcome the urge to look to the left or the right and keep our eyes fully focused on our leader, remain tuned into the still small voice that whispers to our soul instead of voices of well meaning people, and step out without knowing the path or assurance of a successful mission.  Each time we have prayerfully embarked on this type of journey it has grown our faith and made us more confident to step out the next time.  And each journey stretches and grows us in ways we would never have imagined!  May we never become stagnant but continue to grow, safely in the hands of our Heavenly Father!  

We started off the new year with dear friends from afar.  We first met the Carey family MANY years ago while living in Québec.  We haven't seen them in ten years and were so very thankful they made us part of their Christmas vacation!!!

We talked about old times, and caught up on the new.  

We played games...

and Kylee showed off her artwork.

Thank you for stopping in friends!  Hopefully you will make it to our neck of the woods again soon or we will venture up to the great white north after the boys' adoption paperwork comes through.   

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