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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

School Days

I thought I would share some highlights of of our school day.  
Kylee has been learning about molecules.  She did an experiment to see which molecules are stronger and take longer to react with yeast.  

She needed to start with the proper temperature for her water bath.

She added corn syrup, sugar, and corn starch to three different glasses of active yeast.  

Every good science experiment involves some stirring.  

It worked and she learned the point of the experiment. you can see she had much more fun playing with the yeast at clean up time:)  

While Kylee and I were in science land...Mélika was hard at work at her desk.

But...she would much rather sleep with her favorite little sign her Grampy made for her....
DO NOT DISTURB...Receiving Dreams and Revelations From the LORD.  

Our pampered pooch, Buddy, feel the need to be completely in the center of all activity in our home.

I am thinking he must be getting rather smart with all the school he has been attending.  

As not to be partial to just one of his girls, he began batting Mélika's arm with his paw to let her know it was time to try out her lap.

And to no surprise...his efforts were well rewarded.  

I left the classroom for a few seconds....when I first glance...everything looked to be as it should.  Two sweet girls working on history, one on math.  But when I took a closer look I found clouds of pink between their desks.  

You guessed it.  Our girls made Sir Buddy his very own special throne in the classroom so he would have a comfortable learning environment:)

School days...they are priceless to me:)

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