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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve

We had a fabulous time bringing in the new year together!!  AND I finally remembered to get the camera out to capture it:)  

Our oldest preparing for an evening out.  She is growing up far too fast...and since I can't stop it...I am choosing to embrace it and hold on for the ride.  

Heading to church 

Our church invited families to watch the movie "Courageous" together and begin this year by standing for Christ!  This is by far my favorite movie ever!!  If you haven't seen the movie comes out on DVD January 17th...Get yourself a copy!!

Miss Kylee and her side kick packing in the snacks BEFORE the movie began!!

Mélika and several other youth graciously watched little ones so the parents could watch the movie.  

Although "Courageous" is inspiring for all viewers, it has a particular message for MEN to step up and be the husbands and fathers that Christ has called them to be.  

Click below to hear the theme song with clips from the movie.

My favorite line in the song is...The only way we'll ever stand is on our knees with lifted hands!! 
That is truth for all of us on our life journey!!!

The men in attendance last night were asked...Where are you men of Courage?  Are you ready to take the stand for your wives and children and be all God called you to be?  As in the movie the men signed a Resolution of their commitment.

It was my hubby's turn to sign his Resolution and I just happened to have the camera along!!! 

I am so proud and blessed with my man of Courage!!!

And....boys will be boys!!!!  
Stéphane and Eddie did a back bump at the stroke of midnight...ha, ha...caught that too:)

Happy New Year hugs with their Papa!! 

Although Mélika looks like she is in pain...she is really over excited to have her first dessert in a year!!  A cook out milkshake.  I am so proud of the commitment she made to give up something she loves!!

Well friends, God has something extraordinary for the Boutin clan in 2012!!!  We know HE is growing our family but can't wait to see what else HE has in store for us!!!!  I am sure it has something to do with being Courageous...standing for justice...walking in faith.  Tune in this year as we seek God's will and live it OUTLOUD!!!  

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