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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Smoke Signal

Well, I did it.  After 25 days without news from our referral agent I sent out a smoke signal.  I told myself that I wouldn't contact her before the new year.  I rationalized that she would contact me if she had any real news.  But this mama's heart would not be still.  So, on the evening of December 29th I sent a short plea for information.  It was nothing but a smoke signal really...It read, "Any news on how birthmommy is doing?"  But I am sure this sweet gal could read between the lines!  She let me know that birthmommy's social worker has not been able to be in much contact with her because social worker's husband had been in the hospital and then social worker and daughter have had a nasty stomach virus.  Apparently the social worker has been in contact by phone and has learned that birthmommy is doing fairly well and was put on medication to keep her from going into labor.  

Slowing down it was my turn to read between the lines:)  If they do not want her to go into labor yet, the January 15th date is probably not a 40 week due date.  (37-38 weeks is considered full term for twins and many have them around week 36)  That would explain why the social worker was not in a great hurry to have birthmommy commit to a family before the new year.  

Although we did not get the big news of being chosen yet...I grabbed onto this information for the manna it was.  Birthmommy seems to be doing well, the boys need to stay put for a while longer, and she has not changed her mind about making an adoption plan or chosen another family.  

So, we continue to believe and press on!!!!  

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