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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Big Girl Camera

I have been talking about and wanting a "big girl camera" for YEARS!!  We are very blessed to have a digital camera but the LCD screen now shows all photos in green, the shutter time is VERY long, and it is simply grouchy.  Or maybe I am grouchy when I miss that great shot because the silly thing will not take the photo!!  

Anyway, I have been saying for a very long time that when I grow up I would like to have a "big girl camera".  You know...the ones that can take continuous shots with a high resolution.  

W-E-L-L, my love got me a super sweet "big girl camera" for my 21st (30 something) birthday!!!!!!!!  


My first goal was to get a photo of our pampered pooch that was clear and without red eyes.  Not bad for my first try.  Over time I hope to learn how to use all the gadgets!!

Then I ran into my favorite toddler and just HAD to take her sweet picture:)

The majority of my day was spent in the kitchen today!  I FINALLY filled our jars back up with dehydrated fruit.  

And Tashca already tried to walk off with the pineapple!!  Nice try friend:)

Then I made some homemade hummus for lunch.

Caught me!  I couldn't help myself...homemade bread, hummus, sprouts, spinach, tomato, avocado, and love!!

While I was making bread and date squares...the girls were having their first guitar lesson.   

Then it was on to making turkey chili for dinner.  

In between stirs I was able to get some much needed "Oh Baby" snuggles with Miss Neely.  These just happen to be super sweet because my little friend pats my back and says "Oh Baby".  

Hopefully over the weekend I will get much practice with the camera and figure out how it works:) 

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