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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Of Course It Happened...In Other News

After following our journey this long...NONE of you will be surprised by what I have to say!!! 

 We were just sent a baby opportunity for a boy due April 20th in Florida:)  

It is all or nothing for us!!  We wait for months with nothing, and then have an abundance of decisions to make.  

I have to tell you, I was completely expecting this to happen.  It sounds like great news...we want to adopt several more children.  It would be so very wonderful to be able to adopt the baby in April, have Aaron come for a visit this summer, and then adopt him 9 months later.  Unfortunately it just does not work that way for the Philippines.  You have to wait 2 years between adoptions according to their adoption laws!!!  

So, I had myself an initial "of course it happened" chuckle and now it is time to soak the situation in prayer once again!!  I am not willing to just ditch this sweet boy because what we have been waiting for has presented itself.  We are going to move forward and knock on doors fully trusting that God will open/close them as HE sees fit.  

We will call the agency for Aaron first thing in the morning to see if anyone has stepped forward to host or adopt, and to see if we can still be considered for hosting since we missed the deadline.  From that information we will give an answer to the referral agency about the baby by 5pm tomorrow.  

We very much appreciate your continued prayer and support!!!  What a ride this has been!!!

In Other News

We had company from our old stomping grounds on Saturday

Kylee and Abby used to dream of having farms next to each other and riding their horses together each day.  I truly cannot say if that will ever happen, but they had a fabulous ride together!!  They spent some time in the rink and then went on a trail ride through the woods and around a gorgeous pond.  While on the trail ride they were giggling and singing...there was no love loss in distance for these two!!

 Mélika got to be a spectator this time.  She said it was so strange to be there with nothing to do:)

Good old Red didn't want her to feel left out...much love was exchanged:)

My hubby was finally able to make it back to the stables.  We usually ride on a weekday morning so he rarely gets to watch.  He says he has land envy every time he drives onto the ranch is gorgeous!

Mr Colin found things to do around the ranch, and joined us in walking through the woods.

Not our best picture Miss Jill, but it shows we were there none-the-less

 The guys had a good time visiting with each other as well.

And then I got sweet snuggles from Colin...I taught him in Kindergarten a few years back.  What a nice young man he is becoming!!  I love love catching up with former students!!!
Enjoy the rest of your vacation friends!  Thank you for stopping in on your way through!!!



  1. Joy,
    I had to come by again and thank you for taking the time to comment. I love your pictures too. Horses, stables, farm...gorgeous! And so what happened with the phone call? Hosting this summer? Praying that Almighty God will make your paths unbelievably straight as you walk out His will for your life!

  2. eeekk so exciting!! I'll keep praying for you guysss, and the adoption!! :)

    p.s. poor melika ;P