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Friday, February 17, 2012

A Day of Preparing

A day of preparing...Kylee's mouth is preparing for braces...Bri is preparing for baby Adisen.  Hubby is preparing for another business trip...dislike!  And, Mélika and I are also preparing but I'll leave you hanging and save that for another post:)

After a trip to the orthodontist for spacers, Kylee humored me for a few photos today:)  She begged me not to take the camera into the office.  I would have loved a shot of her in the dentist chair, but I left the camera in the car.  

Yep folks...even the orthodontist can't get this girl down:)

She was convinced that spacer instillation merited ice cream.  I told her ice cream was just reserved for shots...then I gave in.  Look at that face...wouldn't you!?

Then it was back to school work!

This evening the girls and I went to Agape Pregnancy Support Services to attend a baby shower for Bri, tour their facility, and help in any way we could.

We have been so very blessed to get to know Bri's mama!!  She has such a servant's heart and loves her family to pieces!!  Bri is blessed to have such a fabulous support system.  And I know SOMEONE is going to be spoiling baby Adisen!!  

Bri received lots of beautiful baby items!!

 Our girls helping to sort baby clothes for families in need.  Again, we may not alway have money to donate but what about your time.  Every little bit helps!!!

Bri with Miss Helen, the founder of Agape Pregnancy Support Services.  This gal has such a heart for Christ and a love for all who enter these doors.  Miss Helen, I pray God continues to use you in mighty ways to impact families for HIM and save unborn lives!!!

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