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Friday, February 17, 2012

Child Like Faith

Child like faith...that is really all we need.

As adults, we can come up with, or justify thousands of reasons we cannot do something.  Reasons to put our conscience at rest...reasons that keep us from reaching out to those in need or those without a voice.

You have heard them...quite frankly like me you probably have said (or at least thought) some of them:)

But child like faith...

We have taught our children about the story of the little boy with just 5 loaves and 2 fish.  We tell them how Jesus performed a miracle and multiplied those loaves and fish to feed 5,000 people.   The bible says that those 5,000 ate until that were filled...and there were 12 baskets left over!!!!!

Do we believe this account that was recorded in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John?  Do you believe that Christ can still take our little and multiply it to reach the multitudes?


I want my child like faith back!!!!

The faith that says, ok blessed me with this...I will give the little I have (whether time, effort, money, prayer, a voice)...give it back to you...AND WATCH YOU MULTIPLY IT!!!

Let's take the attitude of this gorgeous 8 year old.  She found out that there are people in our world that are hungry.  Not willing to accept the injustice of it, she decided to do something.  No, her plan did not go as she had hoped the first try.  How often do we try to step out, encounter a setback...and say, "Hey God...I just didn't work out.  Maybe it isn't your plan after all."  Do we give up?  Walk away?  Abandon ship?  OR, do we regroup and try again?  Miss E...thank you for believing that Christ will multiply your efforts and not giving up on what your heavenly father placed on your heart!!

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