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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Famous Saturday

Our world has been topsy turvy busy the past few days.  But, that is what keeps life interesting:)  

Today our girls were involved in their second day of recording footage for a promotional video. my surprise...I was asked to say a line in the video as well:)  It sounded easy until the camera was  inches from my face.  If you can believe it...even our pampered pooch Buddy made the video.  

Kylee and Buddy taking a break from their 2 minutes of fame.  

  Mélika's dear friend, who also has a heart for girls caught up in human trafficking, has decided to have a 5k run (fundraiser) for her sweet 16 birthday party to raise money for Project Rescue.  We are very proud of her decision and agreed to participate in the video. I will post it at a later date and share information as to how you can show your support.  

I learned a few days ago that my oldest and her friends have started a band called "All 4 Love".  Here they are at their first practice together.  Someday when they are famous you can say... 
I knew them when!!  Whether they make it big or remain a garage band, this Mama is just tickled pink that they are rockin' it for JESUS!!

Oh, and the sweetest thing...Kylee and two of her girlfriends have decided they also want to start a band.  I found Kylee working on writing songs the other day.  When I asked her about it, she said it was music for her band.  Well baby girl, you can rock on for JESUS as well!!

Well, it is back to baking for me.   Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow and what is a game without treats?!

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