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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Got $13 Dollars to Help Preserve a Life?

Our oldest daughter introduced us to Anna Marie a few months ago after church.  She was very sweet like many youth we have gotten to know from our youth group since moving to NC.  But there is something that sets this young lady apart from some of her peers.  Anna Marie has discovered that each of us can make a difference in the lives of others no matter how young or old we are!!

Each year since kindergarten she has found a way to bless SOMEONE ELSE for here birthday instead of looking to what she can have for herself.  One year she raised money for the American Red Cross, another year it was for the tsunami survivors, yet another she collected toys for children in need.  

This year for her 13th birthday she wanted to do something for her best friend Kristen who was diagnosed with cardiomyopothy in November and needed a heart transplant.  

Anna Marie launched ONE THOUSAND BLESSINGS FOR KRISTEN - she asked people to donate $13 and send a note of blessing to Kristen and her mom.  ($13 dollars  because it was Anna Marie's 13th birthday...AND,  Kristen will be alive for her 13th birthday because of the heart transplant!!)  Anna Marie hoped to raise $13,000 toward the estimated $50,000 the family will need to continue Kristen's care since the heart transplant.  She takes 14 different medications 4 times/day.  

When I spoke to Anna Marie's mother on Sunday she told me that they have raised over $20,000 so far!!!  It is not too late to bless Anna Marie's efforts.  The notes of blessing and encouragement will be presented to Kristen this Sunday, February 19th.  They will continue to collect cards and donations after that date as well:)  

This journey has grown the faith of both girls so very much!!  Would you consider blessing their socks off and helping their cause?  To many of us...$13 is so little....but to Kristen, it can do so much!!

You can make an online donation HERE  ( be sure to leave a note of blessing on the guestbook page if you choose this option)  If you would rather make a personal homemade card, contact me for an address.

This is a photo of the two girls just this week celebrating valentine's day!!!  

Their story has gotten quite a bit of media coverage:) 
To see the ABC news report click here.

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