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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Recent happenings

We had a houseful for Super Bowl Sunday.  About 38 people made it out to our home.  This is how I spent my night so unfortunately I did not take many pictures:)  This is better than football ANY day of the week!!!

As you can see some of the younger crowd had better things to do besides football as well.  We did have a living room full of those that took the game quite seriously.  Only one of those was from our immediate family:)

Bright and early Monday morning we were back at the stables for barn work and riding!!  
It never gets old!!!

This morning I took Kylee on a field trip with our homeschool group.  Poor Mélika was stuck doing Chemistry at a friend's house!  I did bring her a t-shirt and doughnut home as a peace offering.  

So excited to see some folks still make doughnuts old school!  The owners and staff were so very kind and informative.  A great time was had by all!!

Kylee, tell us how you REALLY feel about your bag of doughnut holes:)  

We usually do not participate in many field trips unless they fit into our curriculum (like the art museum with the Egyptian artifacts earlier this year).  BUT...a bakery that is nut free...this mama was not going to miss out on THIS opportunity!!  Rest allergy sufferer stocked up on her fill of doughnuts today!!  


  1. So glad you joined us even though it wasn't a highly academic learning experience ~ smiles : ) LOVED catching up on all your posts this morning. I love seeing all the pics and learning about the happenings with the Boutin family! You're doing a great job, Joy! Keep on blogging!