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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Start to a great weekend

Kylee and I went to a mother/daughter banquet at church tonight.  It was a beautiful night and...and I forgot my camera!!!  The room was beautifully decorated, there was yummy food, a fabulous speaker, face painting, crafts, and a photo shoot.  I am hoping to get my hands on a few of those photos to post here later:)  Here is a picture of a tired Kylee when we got back home.  

We brought Brianna L. back with us and found a competitive game of Catan going on!  The other Bri was learning the ropes so she can hold her own at a friendly game night tomorrow.  Apparently she won her first two games so my on!

 You are never too old for horse play with Papa.  Mélika started it but as you can see...hubby can still take her on:)

Kylee is not one for missing out on the action so she pushed her fatigue aside and got her horse play groove on as well.  

Bri and buddy had some bonding time while watching the show in the next room.  

The girls are heading downtown to do inner city ministry with their papa tomorrow!!  I cannot wait to hear all their excited stories of helping those in need.  
Oh I love thee!!!

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  1. i'm loving melika's outfit ;) and she told me that she got a migrane from that flip, lol. :P