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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

games, chocolate, mohawk

Got to love it when even Bri invites friends over for a game of Catan!!  She fits into the family so well...Catan junkie in the making:)

Treats for my sweets!!!!
Oreo Truffles, chocolate covered strawberries, and chocolate covered apple slices.  Oh so yummy!!

Yesterday was a COLD  COLD day for riding but Mélika weathered the wind storm and got a good lesson in.  She had the rink to herself this week and was able to get some great jumps in.  She started with ground poles, then one cross bar, and then two cross bars.  

Then she graduated to a straight pole.  I am sure this has a name but I am green and have no idea what that might be:)   

So, this is my favorite!!  Slick is sporting a cool mohawk in this shot.  
I love love the new big girl camera!!!   

Kylee hid from the camera the last few days...have no fear, I will catch a few shots of her soon!!

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  1. these are awesome pictures!! :) and i love seeing Bri in these pics! <3