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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Answered Prayers

God is so good...and so very faithful!!!

First of all, you can read HERE about how God provided the entire amount needed for this little man's life saving surgery!!  Thank you for your prayers and financial support!!

Last Friday we had a visit from a certain gorgeous little man!!  
Mélika stole him and would not even give me a turn...RUDE:)  Ok, I did get a very brief turn before he was placed in the car seat but I don't think that counts.  

Look at that face!  Can't you just tell he is screaming to stay longer.  
Mommy and baby should be back soon and we are looking forward to it!!

I have really been slacking on  the adoption updates lately.  SORRY!  Truth is...we are neck deep in paperwork and trying to get it all properly filled out as soon as possible!!  There is much involved BUT...IT IS ALL WORTH IT!!!

This batch looks smaller than the last but these documents are taking more time and effort to complete.  

We got our physicals and blood work done for our new agency on Thursday...only to find out Tuesday that the Philippines require a different set of paperwork and lab tests.  

When we went for the blood work this morning, the computers were down!  My hubby was discouraged about getting to work late once again and was ready to leave and come back a different day.  I knew we wouldn't be able to have our completed paperwork by the end of the week if we didn't do the blood work today.  I asked him to wait just a few minutes.  

I started praying and believing that my heavenly father would miraculously fix the problem that was estimated to take over an hour.!  I know God cares and shows up even for the small things. 
Two minutes hubby's name was called for the blood draw...


Today was filled with paperwork, phone calls, emails, and trying to compile a list of places I have lived since 1975!!!  

We needed to file for background checks for each state we have lived in.  Pennsylvania wins for requiring the most hoops to jump through.  And if you were wondering...I came up with 16 addresses for their list:)  Thank you mom and dad for slaving through your files to try to find the addresses and dates I was lacking!!   And...thank you to my dear friend S for notarizing our documents tonight!!!

There was a mention of phone calls.  I am a gal that is not very comfortable making cold calls.  The Philippines requires a psychological evaluation to be done on adoptive parents.  There are many guidelines...extensive testing required...and much money involved.  So, making phone calls was the best method to find out who can do this type of testing and price shopping.  

I am pleased to say that I worked through my fear and made many, many calls!!  I asked several people for recommendations, looked online, left many messages, and spoke to some interesting people.  

After the immediate answer to prayer with the computers...guess who was asking God to meet this need as well.  I specifically asked HIM to provide the right psychologist or psychiatrist to administer the tests...for affordable testing...and quite frankly...I asked for warm fuzzies and much peace about our selection.  

Kylee and I dropped Mélika off at the church for a meeting and went to a nearby mall to kill some time before our evening service started.  There might have been some McDonald's involved for my little princess but there is no evidence to prove it.  While shopping, I received a call from such a sweet, sweet lady that I had left a message with earlier in the day about the testing.  

Once again...FAITHFUL GOD provided a psychologist with much experience in psychological evaluations for international adoptions, at a much lower cost than projected by our agency and friend that has been down this road before, they understand the urgency in completing the evaluation quickly, and....I cannot say enough about the warm fuzzies and peace!!!!
I told this gal that I had many calls out and that I would get back to her in the next day or two.  I spoke to my husband and called her back within 5 minutes.  There is much to be said about peace:)

This is new ground for us.  New experiences.  
I am so very thankful that God is a great navigator...that he has blessed us with a wonderful family that has walked this particular path 4 different times before us...that HE is showing himself strong, even in the small victories!!!!!  

Once again, HE has a plan.  HE will open doors as we step out for those without a voice.  HE will fill our home with the children HE has handpicked for us!!  

Today as I plowed through the new batch of paperwork, I was imagining what it will be like on Gotcha  Day...that day when I finally get to hug my son...the day that Aaron starts to realize that he is a wanted part of a family. 

Any effort put into the adoption process is worth it friends...To make a difference to this one!  

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