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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wives Tales

Miss Bri will be 39 weeks pregnant tomorrow.  She is very ready to meet her beautiful baby boy!  Quite are we!  Bri has been researching methods of inducing labor.  

Mélika was her partner in crime experimental methods today:)

Apparently there are some pressure points around the ankle and on the toes...
oh how these girls tried to find them.

It has been said that galloping could galloping they did.

They eventually grew tired of galloping:)

Resting up before trying something new.

Someone...somewhere claimed that swinging made them go into labor...
so, they got their swinging groove on.  

I suggested some good old squats. 

They tried those as well. 

Mélika being a good coach.   

It has also been said that Chinese food may induce labor.  
Sorry Bri....maybe it wasn't spicy enough.

My personal favorite wives tale....eating 7 pineapples will cause one to go into labor!!  
She and Steph shared a few slices.  A far cry from 7 I assure you:)

There was also much walking and some eating of basil and balsamic vinegar.  Yep, aside from the castor oil sitting on the counter...we tried just about all of them:)

Well sweet girl...It just doesn't seem to be time yet.  Mr. Adisen will make his presence known when he is good and ready.  But...all that trying sure made for a fun day!!  

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