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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's a Boy

Today was NOT a false alarm!!!  
Her water broke and after some more walking...we were on our way.

 Bri's mom/coach met us at the hospital.  Grandma is simply glowing!!

Bri did a fabulous job with the support of her mom!!  They made a great team:)

I was sooo extremely blessed to witness this special life coming into the world.   

 6 lbs 15 oz...20 1/2 inches 

Mommy's boy

Proud Grandma

 I was so very excited to get a turn holding the baby!!! 

 priceless moments
What a precious life!  God has tremendous plans for you baby boy!!!!  

Please continue to pray for mama and baby as they recover from delivery and begin a wonderful life together!


  1. aaaw!!! Congrats! He is so beautiful!! I must have miss a post somewhere, but who is Bri? Is she living with you? Such a precious baby!