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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Planting flowers...Growing Friends

Oh how I wish I had my camera this morning as these precious little girls walked up and down the isles of Lowe's Garden Center, list in hand, seeking just the right plants.  They each had money they earned from yard work or pet sitting.  With each plant they picked up, there was a group deliberation as to wether or not it would make the cart.  We did some math as we went along.  Plants were put back....others added.  In the end...they were all so very pleased with their purchases!!! 

So much be be done!  
They have been so excited about the garden they are creating at our neighbor's house.  

They are making progress!

All good gardeners need a power lunch!

In the afternoon they took a break from gardening to begin their car washing services.

There are two mischievous little pranksters in this photo...can you find them?

Love this one!  Sweet girl has no idea what is going on behind her:)

Next they moved on to our van.  
Their this is dirty...have you cleaned it since you got it?  
I laughed my way down the driveway realizing... I haven't!!!

Buddy was very concerned about the comings and goings of his girls today.  

He finally realized that they were too busy for him, and took his sad self to bed.  

Hubby was back to working on the loft bed this afternoon.  He made much progress.  There is a built in desk on the bottom and he got started on the stairs with cubbies.  

We are pet sitting this weekend and the older girls and I took Mr Mally for a walk.  

I was feeling the gardening bug myself today so I purchased some plants with the girls.  
Bri loves plants so she got the job of replacing the very dead remains from last year with these beauties.  

Aside from the walk...Mélika spent the day writing support letters for her missions trip to Venezuela this summer.  We are so very excited for the opportunity she has to love on the children living in the garbage dumps of Pavia.  

After drying a bit, the younger girls began working on our deck garden.  
This year they planted cilantro, basil, a strawberry plant, lettuce, and radishes.  
This black thumb mama apparently bought the wrong soil.  
In my hast to get home, I neglected to read the label that said not for potted plants.  
I guess we will see what happens:(

Hubby burning the midnight oil to finish his project.  

Today was such a productive day for all of us!  
Sleep should come easily:)

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