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Thursday, March 1, 2012

waiting is better when warm and sunny

For all of you who have been wondering...WE ARE STILL WAITING!!  We had hoped to hear from the Philippines last Friday as to wether they will approve us for hosting Aaron.  The adoption agency feels that they would have contacted the agency right away if there was a problem.  So, we continue to wait for God's answer to this chapter of our adoption journey.  

Today was a complete gift!!  We spent our 80 degree, sunny morning at our favorite guessed it...Kylee's shirt says it all!  

Mélika and Mr. Slick are ready to tack up

Kylee and Miss Classy are ready to follow suit 

So excited that this baby girl can tack up one of the tallest gals on the ranch all by herself!!

Can you see the pure love in those eyes...who needs boys?!

 Kylee took a tumble a few weeks ago coming out of a jump.  She has been a bit apprehensive since then.  I was so excited to see her back to herself today.  

Mélika urging Slick to bow for a carrot.  
The photo does not do it very sweet when you see it live:)

Kylee felt Classy should be able to do the same thing....Classy was not having it!!

Oh warm, sunny NC I love thee!!


  1. It's great to hear from you! I didn't want to bug you but I wondered if you'd heard from ICAB.
    It looks like your girls has a perfect day, yesterday! I love the pics!

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