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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Chasing the Paper Trail

Friday evening we officially stepped out to adopt Aaron...Saturday AM we began the paperwork!!!

I downloaded and printed our first 23 documents to fill out.  What did we do before email and the internet?!?  

It feels a bit like déjà vu because we spent most of January-April of 2011 plowing through similar paperwork.  

After a great church service and a quick lunch...we were back at it this afternoon. 
(Can you see the five stacks of completed documents on the right!!!  We are moving forward)

 Can you tell that we want to get our son home AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!  

 Get ur done!!!!

Love love this picture of my hubby!!!

We are waiting to hear if any part of our current domestic homestudy can be reused.  Even if they would use the letters of recommendation and autobiography from the last one would save a TON of time and effort!!  But, God knows and we will just keep pluggin' until it is all complete. 

My hubby is at a meeting for a missions trip to Haiti he will be taking next month.  I hope to be in Uganda loving on babies in June, and our oldest will be going to Venezuela in July to love on 300 children living in the garbage dumps of Pavia!  While our oldest is there, our youngest plans to go to camp to grow in using her gifts and talents for the Lord.  And...if doors continue to open...that same week I will be leading worship for Royal Family Kids Camp for approximately 70 children in our county foster care system!!  I am sooo very excited to see what God is going to do with all the open doors in our lives!!!    We prayed and prayed and doors are flying before our eyes!!!!  


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  1. you guys are all so involved!! i love it!! :)

    p.s. sorry i wasnt there yesterday :/ i felt reallly bad!!