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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This and That

We are still in a place of waiting...praying...seeking Christ to reveal HIS plan for our family in this leg of the adoption journey.  In the mean time...we have been doing this and that:)

If you have been following our journey for any length of time you have learned that we love game nights as a family!!  Yep, she is wearing monkeys on her head...I don't know where she comes up with this stuff but we cherish the light moments:)

Someone may have been having a bad attitude about cleaning the kitchen AGAIN.   I am sure I don't know who that might have been!!

We were back to the stables on this glorious 68 degree day.  

Mélika took her friend on a trail ride for her birthday.  Happy Birthday Miss Brianna!!  

I surprised Kylee by bringing one of her friends out to the stables as well today.  Red warmed up to her right away!!

While the older girls hit the trails...Kylee had a private lesson.  

True love!!!

After a much needed shower Kylee had some friends over.

Yep, everyone is a comedian around here!!

Miss Bri having a bedtime snack.   

I have been approached for a few more ministry opportunities for this summer....Anxious to see how it all plays out:)  One thing is for sure...we are not at a loss for things to do or areas to serve.  

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