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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

False Alarm

Toward the end of our busy Monday....I got THE CALL!  

My new chauffeur was driving to her youth worship practice.  

I was explaining the ins and outs of safe lane changing when my cell phone rang.  

Yep, it was mommy to be!  She was having contractions and some other symptoms that caused us to turn back and head for home.  

We sat together through a few contractions and then I suggested we take a walk.  My youngest love loves this gal and was quick to give her a hug before we took off.  

We walked this way and that...even tackled some hills:)  

Throughout the walk the contractions progressed from ten minutes apart to every two minutes and were taking her breath away.  I am usually one to wait but knowing that it could take 45 minutes to get to the hospital with traffic...we opted to head that way.  

Of course...while traveling in the car....the contractions became irregular.  
We were already on our way so we decided that it would be best to see what the doctor had to say.  

Sweet baby boy is healthy and well... BUT NOT READY TO COME OUT YET!! 

We had a great practice run and will be fully prepared for what to do next time!!  

Hurry up baby boy!!!  We are so very anxious to meet you!!!

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