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Friday, March 16, 2012

Man Car

He finally got his Man Car!!!

My hubby is such a selfless, giving man. 

He is always so very generous with those around him and very rarely indulges in something for himself! 

Since December 2008 we have juggled our schedules with one car.  

We have been so very blessed over the years to have a reliable family vehicle.  

But, we have also been wasting gas, milage, and time driving multiple round trips per day to be able to get everyone where they need to be at the designated times. 

We have been looking for an older "beater" to get hubby back and forth from work.  He has been on the lookout for a Wrangler Jeep for quite some time.  

Today the time was right and he was able to climb into his new (used) jeep!!!  She has quite a few mile on her but oh how it blessed my heart to see this man I love so excited about his new toy!!

Miss Kylee simply could not wait to get a ride in the jeep!!  She asked for doors to be removed and the top was also taken off later for her ride.  

Even girls that are preggers like a good old man car:)

Kylee with her new retainer smile...and look at that beautiful belly!  

Miss Mélika was too busy reading "Kisses From Katie" to come out to see the man car.  It is ok baby girl...I couldn't put it down either!!

For those in our community that were concerned with the suggestive slogan on the front windshield....I assure you it came with the jeep and was removed at our earliest convenience! It did provoke some interesting conversation however:)

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