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Friday, March 9, 2012

Answers and Direction

Well we got some answers!!  

We now understand why it took so long to hear if we would be approved to host sweet Aaron in June.  

The problem was not us...they approved our family.  


You see, Mr Aaron, for the last almost 12 years, has had a birth certificate that reads "Baby Boy".  As you may have cannot get a visa to the United States with that name.  Apparently it takes 3-6 months to have a new birth certificate filed.  So there is no way that he can come to the US this summer.  

Why was his profile put out for a hosting program he is not eligible for?  

That is a great question...and I believe I have an answer.  

You see, I do not believe in luck or chance.  I believe whole heartedly that Christ orchestrates our steps and leads us in the direction we should go.  

We were not looking to adopt an older child....we certainly were not looking to adopt internationally YET. (And quite frankly...the Philippines was never on our radar)
 (You knew MY plan...domestic infant adoption now...older special needs international adoption LATER.)  


If Aaron was not on the hosting list...this gal over at Wanted would not have been able to advocate for him.  We would not have known of his story....we would not have found him because quite frankly....we were not looking.  

But, as it stands...we do know, and once you know the truth, you cannot pretend you don't.  Once you cast your eyes on the littles around the world that are in need of a mama and papa...a cannot turn your back or look the other way.  He was brought to our attention...our family.  

So...all that to say...Today, March 9, 2012 we have stepped up to begin the adoption process for Aaron Boutin!!!!  

Best case timeline...we would travel to get him in late fall.  
Miss Kylee is hoping to get her "twin", as she so lovingly calls him, home for her birthday in November. 

And, as you can see...Kylee is confident he is going to love football:)  

In a way, I feel like we are starting over.  I know that is not true and it took all this time to get us where we are today.  But, we are back to being neck deep in paperwork, and restarting a homestudy process.  I must once again remind myself that Christ has a plan...HE knows the timing and the hour....He is very much in control!!!  

Oh...and the trip to Uganda that I was having MUCH DIFFICULTY giving up...may happen after all.  

Faithful God!!  We will see how HE works it all out for the good of those who love HIM!!!

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