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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Daddy Daughter Day

My hubby has been traveling MUCH for work these days.  we all miss him when he is gone...but oh how this little one craves his time and attention!  Stéphane put his schedule aside yesterday and spent some time with his youngest love.

My cold weather lovers had much fun at the skating rink near our home.  

We still have not heard if we are approved to host Aaron, but we feel the need to have another bedroom ready for whatever God has for our future.  All our current bedrooms are occupied.  We do have an unfinished space that we would love to complete in the future but right now we would rather spend the money toward upcoming adoptions instead of home, we are going to turn the playroom into a bedroom.  To do handy hubby is back in project mode.  Can you guess what he is building?  

How about from this angle?

Figure it out yet?
  He is building a loft bed for Miss Kylee's barn room!!!  
He has just begun but I cannot wait to see the finished project!!!

We found this idea online and hope to be able to replicate something similar:)  

This is Kylee's room now:)  Yep...Steph built her a barn!  

And this is the ceiling 

With added floor space and smarter storage...we hope to move her desk (built under the loft) and girly toys to her own room.  The gender neutral and boy toys will remain in the other room.  

We gave Kylee the choice of staying in this smaller room and bringing her toys over or moving to the larger room and redecorating for a big girl room.  She went back and forth.  When she learned there would be a loft in the barn...this room won hands down:)  

The exciting thing for me is that we could easily put two boys in the larger bonus room in the future.  

You may be wondering where our older daughter was this weekend.  She is part of a ministry team called KidzAblaze.  They travel to different churches to teach children to use their gifts and talents for the Lord.  This weekend she was three hours away leading kidz worship, acting in a play, teaching a human video she choreographed, and teaching preschool.  

When she got home she told me all about the weekend and then disappeared to her room to practice more music:)   

God is sure preparing this mama's heart for my missions bound baby girl.  Each time she leaves for a weekend or two week missions trip it gets a little easier:)  

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