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Monday, December 19, 2011

Seats for the Littles

Yesterday was a very exciting day in our home!!!  It was the day we picked up our infant car seats!!!!  

As mentioned in a previous post, we have had much discussion about car seats.  My hope has always been to fly to Oklahoma so we can get there as quickly as possible:)  But, with a family of four, and holiday prices for flights, we have had to look at the possibility of driving.  We do not have an exact location but estimate the trip to be at least 20 hours without stopping.  I am so very thankful the new van has a dvd player!!!

We have been asked multiple times if we would consider leaving our girls behind with friends.  Unless there is an emergency that would prevent it....we strongly believe that we have walked this journey of faith as a family and the entire family should be present to live out God's extreme faithfulness!  Our girls have prayed, shed tears, leapt with excitement right along side of us since the beginning of this journey.  They want very much to be with us.  Hopefully that will be our family Christmas present this year!!!  Can you possibly think of ANYTHING better?????

OK...back to those seats:)  We have researched, measured, and number crunched.  We have found the Chicco Keyfit to be the best choice for our situation.  I LOVE the orange color of the Extreme model and it has been on my most wanted list since the first set of twins were available back in April:)  I have been watching sales and promotions come and go...the price was always daunting even with an additional 10% off the sale price for purchasing two large items for twins.  So, as we have been talking about driving instead of flying, it seemed to make more sense to look at used seats on craigslist here before leaving.  

To bring this very long tale to a can all be summed up by saying once again....GOD DID IT JUST BECAUSE HE CAN!!  We were able to locate a set of matching seats,  in the model that I wanted,  that have been used less than a year, THAT WERE LESS THAN THE PRICE OF ONE ON SALE IN THE STORE!!!!  

Aren't they beauties!!!!  I can just imagine our littles sitting in there:) 

As soon as we got home I ran down to our dear friend's house to share our exciting news.  (Yes I could have called but I would have missed out on Natasha's squeals and hugs!!  They bless my heart and I wanted to tell her in person!!)  These friends have been through the good, bad, and ugly with us during the adoption journey and I was confident they would see the significance these seats held for me.  

You see....this is a big purchase.  It is one thing to buy a couple outfits in double as you have faith and believe that twins are coming.  But buying two infant car seats when you have not OFFICIALLY been chosen for said twins...that has not been in my hubby's comfort zone:)  

But this great hubby of mine not only called and negotiated a great price, but rejoiced with me in my bliss, and got right on installing the newborn insert when we got home.  

Don't tell but I think he is just as excited about car seats as I is one step closer to the littles:)

Thank you Father for walking us through this journey!  Thank you for providing for ALL our needs and even blessings us with wants:)  Thank you for showing yourself strong at every turn and surrounding us with love and support!!!!  We are so very humbled and blessed!!


  1. Hi! I am visiting your blog for the first time tonight and your car seat post made me smile. We have five beautiful children through adoption. Our first three arrived through infant domestic adoption in the States and our last two busy boys were adopted as toddlers from Haiti. I remember SO well wanting to purchase certain things for my babies and having to hold off and sometimes stepping out in faith and just the significance that an item like matching car seats can have! So I rejoice with you and pray God continues to open doors in a mighty way to bring these precious ones into your home.

  2. They're beautiful, Joy! I'm praying for you. :)