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Monday, December 19, 2011

Without Faith...It's Impossible

At this the early stages of blogging...I have no idea if anyone follows my blog or if the posts get read.  Quite frankly it doesn't matter:)  You see, the blog allows me to share my heart and stretch my personal faith.  With this running record of God's faithfulness, I can look back and marvel at all the times my heavenly father blessed this mama's heart.  So, one day I hope to encourage many with my humble words.  For now I will be content to live this journey out loud with Christ.

Earlier today I read a post from an adoptive mommy that walks in tremendous faith and lives out loud.  I cried as she shared a story from long ago that rocked my world for today!!!  Take a moment to peek at
Memory Box Monday - The Contact Lens  and be reminded that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD!!

As in this blogger's story, God didn't answer her prayers instantly.  HE wanted to see if she would persevere and trust in HIM.  That is where I am at friends!  God has not instantly granted our prayers and opened the doors for the boys that HE has placed on our heart!  We have persevered...trusted...and prepared for rain.  I wonder if Christ is long will you trust me...2 days...a week...a month?  We have walked and believed for some 45 days for this particular adoption opportunity.

BUT...just look at  how Christ has already shown himself strong in this journey?

  • We started in January 2011 with zero dollars set aside for adoption!
  • We originally filled out paperwork for two different agencies before signing on with this one in April!  (with each we did not feel peace to follow through)
  • My husband was told that he wouldn't be getting a year end bonus because of the loss the company took as a whole that later learn that he would receive a portion of it...enough to get our paperwork started with the adoption agency!
  • Between hand-made bracelet sales and generous donations we raised $5,517.00!
  • Our tax agent told us that we would have to pay $2500 in taxes this year only to learn weeks later that we were getting a return of $6400 instead from a tax credit on an adoption that happened back in 2006!
  • We contacted Lifesong for Orphans about getting an interest free loan and opening an account where folks could make a tax deductible donation to our adoption.  We were told that they would not be able to set it up in the time we needed it... but God moved and the account was set up within hours and we were also granted the interest free loan!
  • Our agency is only supposed to place NC babies with NC families but sent out an opportunity about twin boys in Oklahoma!
  • We had two days to get all paperwork and fees into the referral agency for this opportunity...our NC agency was not able to send the ugly profile that they made because they were having computer problems...I was able to make a new profile that better represented our family and write a letter directly to birthmommy!
  • Oklahoma birthmommy was not originally looking for a caucasian family for her boys...but she is seriously considering our family and has narrowed it down to our family and one from Texas!
And the list goes on...and on....and on!!!  

Faith is defined as believing in things unseen.  If I truly have faith in what God has placed on our hearts I must believe God for the impossible!  HE certainly does the impossible Best!!! long will I believe...each and every day until our boys are safely home in our arms!!!

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