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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blessed beyond words!!

What a remarkable day we have had!!  

Church was fabulous as always!  I was blessed to do worship with  with our preschool through 5th grade this morning.  We have been practicing for our Christmas Worship Night.  Oh how those wee ones bless my socks off as they enthusiastically sing praises to our risen Savior!!!  

After doing worship with the kiddos, I slipped into service where we had a guest speaker.  Dick Brogden, author of the Live Dead Journal, spoke about dying to self and answering the call to minister to unreached people groups around the world!!!  I look forward to seeing how God chooses to use our family in the future as we continue to grow and step out in faith:)

After church we went to the farmer's market to pick out a Christmas tree.  Although we miss cutting down our own tree as we have in years past, I could get used to selecting a tree on a sunny 63 degree day like today!!!

It appears that folks in NC will do anything to see snow for Christmas:) This "snow" covered tree didn't seem to fit in with the weather conditions today, but it did put a smile on my baby girl's face:)

My manly man was busy securing the tree our girls picked out for this year.  A sweet gentleman from the tree farm gave him a hand.  

When we arrived home we had the BEST EMAIL waiting for us!!!!!  The referral agency that we are working with for the Oklahoma twins sent us a message stating that birthmommy is seriously considering our family!!!!  She has narrowed her selection down to us and a family from Texas.  Birthmommy's social worker will be out of town until December 15th so they are unsure if she will contact someone else within the agency when she makes her final decision or if she will wait until her social worker returns.  Oh how my heart soars with gladness!!!  We are extremely hopeful and excited to say the least!!!!   Thank you Jesus for continuing to answer our prayers and open doors!!!!

INSERT ME DOING AN EMBARRASSING HAPPY DANCE HERE!!  Luckily my family didn't catch it on video!!

I did however catch my girls during a giddy "we are almost chosen", and "Christmas decorating" silliness.  

 Merry Christmas ya'll!!!!  
May the TRUE meaning of CHRISTmas resonate in your hearts and lives!!!!

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