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Friday, December 2, 2011

God did it just because HE can!!!

My name is Joy and I am an adoption blog addict!  I have been tremendously blessed over the past several months to be able to tag along as numerous families step out in faith to bring children into their forever families.  I have laughed, cried, prayed, and been extremely encouraged while watching other families following the call to care for orphans.  One day soon I will spend more time sharing my heart and what I have gleaned from these families.  For tonight, I want to quickly share how God blessed this Mama's heart...just because HE can!!

As I mentioned I have been following adoption blogs for several months.  One of the blogs that I frequent is of a family that has 10 children (4 bio, 6 adopted).  Today this blogger gal sent out an invitation to her readers to contact her with prayer requests.  I strongly believe there is great power in prayer and decided to contact her, thank her for living her journey out loud, and share our prayer needs.  I explained that our hearts desire is the baby opportunity in OK.  We are praying that God will: open the doors for us to be chosen by birthmommy, and provide the remaining adoption fees and travel expenses.  This sweet gal contacted me back immediately...rejoiced over the possible adoption...and told me that SHE LIVES IN OKLAHOMA and would love to lodge us if she is in the same area of the pending adoption!!!!  Understand that I never picked up on the fact that she lived in OK!  I am so very humbled and blessed that a gal hundreds of miles away would extend such an offer!!!!!

I have no idea if this particular baby opportunity is God's choice for us.  What I do know is that God continues to show himself strong and able to provide!!  Thank you Lord for reminding me that where you guide you will provide.  My heart soars as my heavenly father continues to grow my faith!!!

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