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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Treats

Somehow I woke up yesterday with the reality that I haven't done ANY Christmas baking!  Part of it is because I have no self control, and a gal with fructose malabsorption should stay clear of goodies.  Part of it is that I have been in baby wonderland...knowing that each day is drawing us closer to answers and hopefully little boys!  Whatever the reason, I have been slacking and needed to get into gear on some homemade gifts!!!  

My hubby decided to participate in a Christmas Cookie Exchange at work this year.  He burned the midnight oil making Chocolate Covered Macaroons.  I never liked coconut until discovering these tasty little bites of goodness.  After watching him in action I came up with a plan:)  

Usually I bake homemade bread for the neighbors for Christmas.  A few weeks ago I broke my beloved bread bowl and have been putting off the daunting task of making 16 loves for neighbors and hubby's coworkers.  So....I tried my hand at Chocolate Dipped Macaroons!  They are Kylee's new favorite cookie!!!

Then it was time to dive into Butter Candy.  I have never made this family traditional treat because my hubby and girls usually have it covered.  I forgot to take a picture while it was still in the pan but this will give you an idea:)

After baking and filling the was time to take to the street and deliver our packages!!!

 No baby girl...the treats are not for you...I think we tasted enough during production:)

Hubby's co-workers are still anticipating their yearly bread so it is back to the kitchen this morning:)  

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