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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baking Marathon

I am one tired gal!  Today I made 16 homemade loaves of bread and a batch of caramels all in one day:)  I feel extra content with these results because 8 of those loaves were Challah bread and required cutting, rolling, and braiding six strands of bread for each loaf.  I have never baked Challah in bread pans before but the experiment was a success.  

I had no intention of making caramels fact...I have never made them before.  But as I browsed A Christmas Tradition this morning I was drawn in by the step by step photos, the beautiful little helper, and the short recipe description.  I had all the necessary ingredients, so, in between batches of bread, I gave it a try:)  The recipe turned out oh so yummy but I forgot to add the vanilla at the end....shhhhh....don't tell:)

Stéphane's mother taught me how to make homemade bread several years ago.  At the time I had younger children and worked full time.  It simply was not my season for bread making.  Since moving south and transitioning into stay at home/homeschool mommy, homemade bread has become a staple in our home.  

Challah is a Jewish bread that is a served during the Sabbath feast.   Kylee and I made our first loaves of this special bread in the fall while studying religious feasts in our homeschool curriculum.  

I personally find it fabulous right out of the oven!!  It also makes the BEST french toast the following morning:)  These loaves will be Christmas presents for some of my hubby's co-workers.  

Well folks...the bread was finally cool enough to bag so I am off to get some much needed sleep!!

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