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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Horsing Around Ya'll

Does it get better than this?  Riding outside in sweatshirts on Dec 14th!!!  Just one of the MANY things I love about the south!!  Yes, I post about the stables often...when you go there twice a week....and it is one of our favorite activities...posts happen:)

Mélika has been riding a new four legged friend.  Meet Slick!  
Right now he only loves me for the carrots.  

As Skeeter is easing into retirement, Kylee has been riding her best girl Classy.  

It was an exciting day for our girls!  They started the beginning stages of jumping.  

I cannot put into words how very much we appreciate Miss Carrie!! We are extremely blessed to have her as instructor and friend!  She has made it possible for my girls to achieve their hearts desire and allows them to experience many aspects of ranch life!  We love you Miss Carrie and wish you the very best in the coming year!!

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