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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Preparing for Rain

Have you head the phrase, "Preparing for Rain"?  No, it doesn't mean taking an umbrella along for an outing:)

Watch this clip!

We started getting our "fields ready" long ago.  Preparing a nursery, gathering baby items, fundraising, even washing baby clothes and packing a baby suitcase.  Over the Christmas holiday we cleaned the house and caught up on everyone's laundry so we could pack at a moment's notice.

I have been praying, preparing, and expecting rain!!!

Today I took it one step further.  Today I packed suitcases for the four of us.  I know it seems extreme to some of you.  Why would I pack all our clothes in suitcases and have them taking up all the walking space on my bedroom floor when we have yet to even hear if we have been chosen?  The answer is simple...I BELIEVE!

I BELIEVE that God put AA twin boys on our hearts...I BELIEVE he has directed our path every step of the way...I BELIEVE he lead us to this particular baby situation...I BELIEVE that we will be chosen...I BELIEVE that He will provide the remainder of the finances needed...I BELIEVE we will be called soon and need to be ready!!  It simply comes down to that...I believe, therefore, I prepare for rain!!

I know the reality of this situation.  It has been 53 days since the birthmother has seen our profile.  Usually  a decision is made much sooner than that.  I also know that the babies are due to be born anytime.  Birth-mommies that haven't made a decision about an adoptive family before birth are much more likely to change their mind about making an adoption plan for their baby.  I know the statistics.  All I can say is BUT GOD!

Do I fear looking like a fool if these are not our babies...Nope!  The reality is that I have an audience of one and HE knows my heart.  He knows that my faith and trust is in Him alone.  So, I will continue to pray, prepare, and expect rain!!!  All I can do is step out and walk in faith...the rest is in His very capable hands!!!

Dear Lord....LET IT RAIN!!!!

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  1. Joy,

    I just did a little catching up in reading all of your past posts and I love, love, love them all! We are so happy to pray and follow along with you as you walk this adoption journey. We know God has great things in store for the Boutin family.

    Love the clip in your latest post. You keep on preparing for rain 'cause it's coming!

    Love y'all,