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Saturday, December 3, 2011


I am so blessed to have my hubby back from his week in AZ!!  Had he not been here today he would have missed out on cuddle time with a certain smiley little man!!  Hubby doesn't often get the opportunity to love on little people because I steal them I mean, because they are not often available when he is here:)  

What a blessings it was to see my hubby in his element!  He is a fabulous daddy and is looking forward to welcoming his boys home!  He decided it was time to pull out a baby carrier to remember how it works:)  As you can see his side kick took a liking to the little experiment.  

Ok...this one was priceless!  

In  the spirit of "testing" the true hands free capability of the carrier...hubby tried a little game of hockey.

Since our little charge was such a good sport...I took advantage of the opportunity to try out a sling.  I am not sure I have truly mastered the art of baby wearing...but hope to get much more experience in the near future.  

While Stéphane and I were fighting, fairly taking equal turns with our littlest friend, our girls were entertaining the older siblings outside.  Our girls are great with younger children and a fun day was had by all!!

Mélika had another first tonight...Her first Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!  I think I did a pretty good job picking this little number out if I do say so myself:)  

Yep, accessories truly do make an outfit!!!  You have reached a whole new level of tacky tonight sweet girl!  I hope you win the contest!!!

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