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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!!

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house...we were super excited ya'll!!  Hubby made some comfort food (stuffed hamburgers and sweet potato fries), we watched a movie together (Cars 2...we already watched our traditional Elf earlier in the week), and of course...a good ole game of Catan!!  

Puppy was in the midst of EVERYTHING!  I think he feared we would forget his stocking:)  

Nope...even super cute girls with puppy dog eyes must wait until Christmas morning!!!

 It was anyone's game but Miss Kylee took the win last night!!

This morning things began with such a strange twist!!  Our oldest...who usually requires extreme measures to wake...was first to rise and woke the rest of the family!!!  Little does she know I have been up since 3am!  (I pray about the littles all hours of day and night!!)

My father started the family tradition of reading the Christmas story from the Bible and singing Christmas Carols.  My sweet hubby has continued this tradition with our family.  It is truly the best part of Christmas morning!!  

 Dear puppy would not rest his sniffer until the treats were retrieved from his stocking!!

We are still extremely hopeful to be chosen for the boys.  Because of this our Christmas presents will be a trip to Oklahoma.  We stuck to stocking stuffers this year but our girls were still so very excited with their gifts.  

Mélika wanted a capo for her guitar and Kylee wanted the latest Narnia movie.  

Kylee knows her papa well and got him a spicy dip mix and crock! 

Mélika also knows him well and got him two mini pans for camping:)

Once again...I was blessed beyond measure!!  My family asked over and over what I wanted for Christmas BESIDES the littles.  Of course my heart is for adoption...I asked my family for adoption T-Shirts that will help families fund their adoptions.  I made it quite easy for them...I even gave them a list with websites and photos:)  

I really didn't expect the shirts for Christmas however.  Stéphane and I agreed NOT to exchange presents to save for our adoption, and our girls are short on funds and do not have access to buying online.   BUT...a certain hubby and a certain set of girls pulled their resources and blessed this mama's heart!!!!

They even caught my reaction when I read the note!!!!

Each girl purchased one so we were able to bless two adoptive families!!!

The girls were also so very blessed by presents that arrived from grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins!!!  

My love started a new Christmas tradition this morning...stuffed french toast!!!!  It was oh so yummy!!

Poor Buddy...too much Christmas!! 

I just can't stop taking pictures of our beautiful girls!!!!  I love them so very much!!!   

We are off to church to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ!!!  
Much love,
The Boutins

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