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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Drivers and Littles

What an emotional day!  My baby girl completed her first day of behind the wheel drivers education today!!!  To use her words, she was terrified.  BUT she pushed through the fear and did a great job!!

Here she is behind the wheel at the end of her session.  I tried to zoom in from across the parking lot as not to horrify her while operating a motor vehicle.

But, after she was out of the car....horrify her I did:)  Sorry sweet girl, mama needed a photo!  

She will be back at it early tomorrow morning.  Before long she will be driving our new van!  Yep, thats right, a new van.

About 5 weeks ago I was in an accident.  Unfortunately it was quite a bad one.  All glory and praise goes to God that everyone was able to walk away from it considering two cars were totaled and a third was damaged.  It appears that God knew something about my beloved Ford Explorer that I refused to did not have enough room for our children to come!!!  So, after all was said and done, we found this beauty the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads with your faith journey.  You know that God is in control and has tremendous plans for your future.  You know that you are on the path that God called you to be on, and you see your hearts desire in the distance.  You want to advance with complete certainty, but at the same time you know that your heavenly father has said no to similar situations in the past.  At times there is a fine line between stepping boldly in faith and stepping ahead of God's plan.

Well friends, here I am...a who makes lists and over packs.  I am a mama who knows that there are twin boys that could be born at any time.  I have not been chosen yet to be their mama...I may never be chosen to be their mama.  They may be God's plan for us....they may not.  But I feel an urgency to "prepare for rain", take inventory, and have my bags ready.  I ask myself, does it really require so much faith if I wait for the answer to move.  One might call it practical or less emotional to wait for assurance.  But I can say with all confidence that my assurance is in the ONE that called me!  He knows my heart, for He created it and dwells in it!

So tonight, I began the list writing and pile making process!  I took stock in what I have in preemie and newborn sizes, and tried to imagine what we could possibly need for a hotel stay up to two weeks.

These matching sleepers look ginormous compared to the preemie sleepers but the tags read newborn.

Even Buddy got in on the action:)  He was less than impressed with the hand mitts and decided he would rather take a nap on my pile of onesies.  Good thing I haven't washed them yet!

Matching monkey hats.  There is a bit of a trend going on here...all my preemie clothes have monkeys on them!!!

The piles so far...complete with a list of have and have nots:)  Hubby shakes his head and reminds me that there are stores in Oklahoma.  I remind him that I will not be able to drag myself away from the littles long enough to go to those stores!!!

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