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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Baby gear and Christmas parties!!

You know I can't make a post without sharing about God's faithfulness during our adoption journey!  Our heavenly father has been so very gracious to us as each day of waiting continues.  It has been 34 days (yes, I have been counting) since we asked to have our profile shown for the twins in Oklahoma.

  Many sweet friends have asked how we can stay calm without answers or assurance.  First, I become very encouraged that I appear calm when I am jumping out of my skin with excitement!!  (My hubby would testify that calm may not be the best adjective to describe me right now)  But the reality is that I simply cannot walk forward with peace in my own strength!!  We have fasted, prayed, cried out to Christ in our weakness, and HE has carried us throughout the journey!!  He is the source of our peace and comfort!  

As some of you know, I tend to lean on the type A side with list making, organizing, and preparing.  (It is ok...God knows this about me...after all...He made me!  I am sure I have given Him quite the chuckle...or at least a head shake over my zealousness lately) 

So, my baby carry-on is packed.  It is still lacking a few things but could be used "as is" if a much awaited call comes in beforehand....Pick me....pick me!!!!

Car seats have inspired many thought provoking discussions in the Boutin home:)  We don't know how big the boys will be.  There is only one car seat that we have found that is approved for under 5lbs.  We have been offered a set of seats but need to find out if they are expired....expired...who knew they did such a thing!!  I think I just disclosed my age bracket with that comment:)  It has been several years since we have looked into infant car seats.  I am learning!  Because we plan to fly to Oklahoma, we would also have to pay extra (times 2) to fly the seats out with us.  So...unless the offered seats still meet the safety date....we will more than likely buy the seats when we get to OK so we just have to pay to have them brought back.  

Apparently it is quite cold in OK during this time of we have two Bundle Me car seat covers to keep the boys snuggly warm!!  Thank you JJ and Natascha for the use of these beauties!!

My new research project is diaper bags.  I LOVED the bag I had for our first little ones but unfortunately I cannot find anything similar.  Ok...showing my age again!  Not only that, but I need to be able to fit two of everything in this bag.  If any of you in bloggy land have suggestions, I would love to hear from you!!

Well, as easy as it is to remain in baby land, the rest of our lives must go on!  
It has been a busy week so far...but as Christmas approaches...we are likely to become busier!  We have been blessed to have an extra friend with us during her track out from school.  Kylee has been trying to get her school work completed quickly each day to enjoy extra playtime:)  

Last night Mélika had a pajama party in youth group, and Kylee had a Christmas party with her M-Pact class as well.  They were so excited to celebrate with their friends!  

I was thankful that they humored me with the sweet picture above before the silliness began!

Kylee is so very blessed to have two fabulous M-Pact sponsors that love the Lord and enjoy working with our girls!  Thank you ladies for all your sacrifice and dedication!  

Ok...I know it is hard to take him seriously dressed in this festive gaudiness...but we are also very blessed to have Mélika in a youth group that is on fire for Christ!  We love you Pastor Wes and thank you for your heart and dedication to our youth!

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