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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This and That

I was so blessed to be asked to photograph one of my very favorite little girls!!!  I am NOT a professional but love the opportunity to spend time with this precious little one.  

It was difficult to catch a shot when my lovely subject would rather climb on my lap and be right next to me.  

But as you can complaints here!  Neely time is priceless to me!

There is that winning smile!

I even found a way to get her beautiful mommy into a few shots:)

 Look at those cheeks....quite kissable if you ask me!!!

Over the weekend we FINALLY made it down to Myrtle Beach to visit with our dear friends.  They have only been asking for us to make the trip!!  Of course the day was cold and cloudy...the exact weather conditions our families moved away to avoid:)  It seemed fitting somehow.

Where did the time go and how did our little ones grow up so fast?!  

We stopped by the beach and it was oh so cold!  This mama was not putting her feet in there!!  The highlight was watching three porpoises very close to shore.  OK...I guess it was worth freezing my toes off to catch a glimpse of them:)

Since the beach was too cold we took to shopping.  My hubby was a very good sport!

 These two have been best friends since diapers and he is still looking out for her needs:)

I have missed you friend!!  We can't wait so long to get together again.

 They were so hard to separate when we had to leave!!  We'll do it again soon girls!

What a fabulous time of the year to spend with loved ones!  May you take time to enjoy priceless memories with family and friends as you celebrate the Birth of our Savior!!

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