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Sunday, December 18, 2011


 I am so blessed to say that no matter where God has taken us to live during our 17 years of marriage, He has always provided great friends to encourage us, keep us accountable, and fill our hearts with laughter!  Two of those great families came over last night!!!  They know our heart for adoption and our longing to be chosen for this particular adoption situation!  We were so very humbled and blessed to spend priceless time in prayer with them before the gaming began.  

One family brought 3 of their 6 children, the other brought their 5.  Together with our 2...our home was rockin with laughter and fun!!!

The older girls love to sit and talk....oh...and eat lots of banana bread:)

The younger explanation necessary:)  God is preparing me for my little boys!!

Check out those faces...I am sure someone is up to some hearty pranks:)

Watch out for these may just get arrested by these law enforcement agents!  

Then there are those that enjoy accessorizing!!  

I admit....we are Catan addicts!!!  We were introduced to this game when we moved to these parts and play, at least as a family, a couple times a week.  It is an extra special treat when we can get our gamin groove on with friends!!  I will not tell you who won...but lets just say that all three wins were taken by girls!!!!

Hubby ready to make a dirty dog move!  It was not well received:)  

Well boys....better luck next time:)

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